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Car Trouble...

Posted by Jon Dunn on August 11, 2005 at 04:20 PM | Permalink

So as you guys may well have guessed, it has been CRAZY around here.  A new website, summer is a big vacation time here as it is for all companies, Mary Richards had a baby (down a Reporter), Cougar Radio, a network switch (to ABC)...anyway, the list goes on and on. 

Not that any of those things are an excuse, BUT, I got pulled over for a bit of an oversight today. 

I was driving down Van Winkle this afternoon at seriously 49 miles an hour (the speed limit is 50).  The next thing I know *insert flashing lights and siren*, I get pulled over.  I literally have not been pulled over for seven or eight years, nor have I had a wreck (touch wood).  I pride myself on my driving so I really start to sweat about what I did.  So license and registration in hand the Officer with the Salt Lake County Sherriff's Office approaches.

Me: "Good Afternoon Officer."

Him:  "Did you know your plates are expired?"

At this point I am a little more relieved. 

Me: "Oh, crap...No sir, sorry I didn't!"

Him: "Well they are expired by six months!"

Me: "Whoops...."

So then he goes on to tell me he is supposed to IMPOUND the car after tags are expired for 2 months.  So then visions of me lugging my laptop and gear bag down Van Winkle come into my head.  But he was super nice, actually went on to say he won't impound the car because he, "doesn't want to end up in Rolly and Wells." 

Smartly, I figured that point wasn't the best to let him know that Wells left the Trib like six months ago. 


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