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Go Cougs!

Posted by Lance Bandley on November 15, 2005 at 10:06 AM | Permalink

  Well as Amanda takes the position of France on the game I will cheer for the Cougars.  I like the rivalry, it's actually pretty tame compared to other teams across the country.  I like having family members on both sides, it makes Thanksgiving really interesting every year besides the food.  Some day everyone will realize it's just the right thing to cheer for the Cougars.

  By the way I'm not sure if we're covering it or not today but did you hear about all the broken ankles being reported at the hospitals.  Doctors are attributing it to Ute fans jumping off the bandwagon.  Ha, ha, ha ha.  Oh yeah, can't wait for November 19th in Provo.


Dont be fooled. BYU fans are just as nasty and fickle as Utah fans can be, but they do it behind a pious holier-than-thou facade. Anyone who has ever attended a BYU sporting event that wasn't going BYU's way, knows that the fans go absolutely venomous on their own coaching staff and players. It is pathetic and sad, especially from these so-called "die hards". True fans stick by their team no matter what. BYU fans are on their own bandwagon, they just think that nobody else knows they have one. Win or lose today, I'll still bleed red. GO UTAH!!!

Posted by: Greg | Nov 19, 2005 9:52:51 AM

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