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Shopping Day

Posted by Lance Bandley on November 25, 2005 at 09:01 AM | Permalink

  Of the six years I've been in the news business I've never covered shopping on the day after Thanksgiving until today.  I don't see how people can wake up so early and fight with the crowds.  I didn't see any fights or pushing in the stores but I did see a lot of upset drivers in the parking lots.  I'm not a fan of shopping.  Several years ago I did go in a store once around noon on the day after and after seeing the line inside I left.   
  It's always interesting working on or around holidays.  The news business is just like other medical or law enforcement services where the job never ends, it's 24/7.  Sometimes you don't even realize it's a holiday until you start making phone calls and you wonder why no one answers.
  Well if you are out in the crowds good luck.  I think it's insane.


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