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Hiding Presents

Posted by Mary Richards on December 15, 2005 at 11:09 AM | Permalink

I have a fun closer look running Friday morning. It seems every family tries to hide presents from each other around the house, but peepers often prevail. So I talked to two detectives about the perfect spots to hide gifts. They say try the dishwasher or laundry room -- kids will never look in there. But it's a challenge in my house. I have a little baby, but he's not going to look. He can't even crawl yet. I'm more worried that my husband may stumble across a gift accidentally. My sister used to always get things out of me when we were young. Rebekah: "Am I getting a book?" Me: "No."  "Is it a dress?" "No." "Is it a doll?" Pause..."Maybe."

I liked my closer look this morning too. This is just a fun time of year for me. I did an Inside Look at KSL, answering frequently asked questions. Grant says everyone asks him if Amanda is really like she is on the air. Yes she is! She's amazing. People always ask if our Eye in the Sky, Andy Farnsworth, is really in the air. He is. He's in a small plane; just him and the pilot. He looks for landmarks like the malls to tell where he is and where the backups and accidents are. Chris Kaye says she has two regulars that call in with traffic tips, and they go by the names "Poodle Doodle" and "Out and About." My favorite questions though are about appearance. Grant says when he meets someone for the first time, they often laugh and say they thought he'd be fatter because he's always talking about food. Jon Dunn says people are surprised at how young he looks. He likes to say he has a face for print.


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