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Podcasting - Has It Changed Your Life?

Posted by Patrick Wiscombe on February 28, 2006 at 10:03 AM | Permalink

I love podcasting.  I spend quite a bit of time pounding on the keyboard and staring at a computer screen throughout the day so it's nice to have some audio company as I update certain sections of the KSL web site.  I think two of the coolest things about KSL is their podcasts and their willingness to embrace new technologies.  For example, I wasn't able to listen to "The Dave Rose Show" last night so I podcast the show and listened to it while I was updating the web site this morning.  When you stop and think about what I was just wrote, you and I have a tremendous amount of power at our fingertips.  Podcasting gives each of us the ability to listen to the shows and news when it convenient for us. 

Now you might be saying to yourself, podcasting is old news.  Well, that may be true, but based on the number of e-mails I receive each week, there are plenty of people who are happily embracing their new found authority.  For example, I've receive no fewer than 15 - 20 e-mail messages each week asking if they can listen to the shows that air on KSL each weekend.  I'm proud to say that the answer is YES!  Now you can listen to Utah Outdoors, the KSL Greenhouse Show, the KSL Home Show, and Car Radio with yours truly anytime you want. 

HOW HAS PODCASTING CHANGED YOUR LIFE?  Please take a moment and let me know.  (pwiscombe@ksl.com)

If you are new to podcasting, check out the KSL podcast page.  KSL now offers 19 podcasts with more to come.  Have a great week and thanks for listening.

Patrick Wiscombe


While Podcasts haven't changed my life, I recently fired up one of the KSL Greenhouse shows and they were talking about turf weeds.

Just by listening and doing a little research on my own, I discovered that the supposed crab grass that I've been trying to get rid of in my lawn isn't crab grass at all. All that Scotts Turfbuilder down the drain. I can say, I'm armed with my non-selective herbicide now and that weed is dead.

Doug Wright's show is alway on my list and of course the Movie show.

thanks for keeping these shows free!


Posted by: Kevin Sheen | Mar 3, 2006 1:24:08 PM

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